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Wellbeing and the Racial Wealth Gap

We are helping close the wealth inequality gap in America by supporting Black and Hispanic communities through targeted initiatives that include:


Providing a Foundation:
  • Housing Stability for Single parents

  • Housing Stability for Victims of domestic violence

  • First time homebuyer down payment assistance


Developing Youth:
  • Mentorship

  • Networking

  • Training


Promoting Health:
  • Physical and Mental Health Awareness

  • Active lifestyle opportunities (sports, hiking, group classes)

  • Single and/or Pregnant mother wellness access


Empowering Victims of Domestic Violence:
  • Partnership with Bernice Women

    • Support groups

    • Activism

    • Uplift victims and survivors


Africa projects

MWG ensures that minority communities build wealth and financial stability to transfer generational wealth to their families. 

In Uganda, Africa, MWG is focusing on the following:


Fighting against Domestic Violence in partnership with Bernice Women

  • Create awareness

  • End stigma and shame

  • Host support groups and advocacy programs


Building the Foundation to end Poverty

  • Make food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education more accessible to children in need

  • Teach critical skills for self-reliance

  • Enhance quality of life to improve identity and sense of value

  • Liberate rural women from economic bondage

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